iVi Mesh Network

iVi - Open Source Linux powered portable wireless - play anywhere, store-anything micro-server.

iVi Portable Mesh Network

Everything About Connectivity is Changing

New device and port designs, multiple media types, growing web traffic—and more importantly—increasing security needs, are redefining the way we interact in the digital age. The Personal Wireless Cloud sharing is the solution to the complexity introduced by these developments.

The Cloud is being transformed from a condition of availability, or presence, to a new advanced “state” whereby the established trust between members of a group is reflected in a finite, shared wireless network. Personal and corporate Cloud computing can now be secured as surely as the connections used by financial institutions, hospitals, private businesses and others.

“The device is becoming the Cloud”—Lyle Paczkowski.

There are now two Clouds:

  • Public— access to multiple domains with unrestricted data sharing.
  • Private— controlled, secure access to select individuals and domains.

Both of these are interactive with a focus on keeping the private Cloud fully protected and net neutral.

Why iVi?

iVi connects everything

Cloud computing should be seamless. Now you can enjoy a new level of digital integration. Share what your watching right now with your the family. Access a program on your PC with your phone or tablet. Or monitor your audio or video projects on different speakers or displays? Even stream to any UPnP display or printer not in the iVi micro-Cloud.

iVi is small, powerful and mobile

With iVi as the nerve center of your personal Cloud, you can browse, play, share, store, manage, even edit all your audio, photos, video and documents, from any connected and capable UPnP device. iVi is a small, mobile, wireless, micro-Cloud server. It enables seamless, on-demand media browsing and streaming between all your digital devices, in HD.

You can even install iVi in your car as a permanent wireless entertainment gateway to on-board sound and displays.

iVi is a little marvel. A full-featured, wireless microCloud hub, lithium polymer battery powered and UPnP ready, iVi provides high-security, multi-mode network connectivity in a convenient mobile format. Two USB ports for drives or peripherals, AC power and charging, round out this first truly mobile microCloud server. iVi is a perfect hub for people, groups, families and organizations to defend your information from unauthorized access and manipulation. iVi is the ideal way to assure information security across your private network. Manufacturers are investing heavily in wireless technology to satisfy the growing need for mobile networking power. Very soon most enterprises will be enjoying the economic benefits of doing business over an advanced wireless network and providing their organizations with new levels of speed and access to all their media. iVi is on the the leading edge of the the new secure network revolution and you have the opportunity to participate at the the beginning of this emerging technology.

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